It has taken quite a while for me to get around to writing the first blog post…largely because I’m still working full-time but also because I’ve been frantically trying to work out what to take, scouring blogs and travel websites for tips and destination ideas and trying to prepare for basically quitting my life for 6 months!

But, here we go…

On Monday 2nd September, my best friend and I are leaving the UK and heading around the world. We are flying from Heathrow to Bangkok (via Dubai but only for an hour or so…we decided that we’d rather get straight into the trip in Thailand and to save Dubai for a more luxurious holiday in the future perhaps) and it is in that bustling city that we begin our adventures! Having both commuted in and out of London for the past 4 years or so, we like to think we’re quite prepared for the madness of Bangkok but I’m more than prepared to take that statement back if necessary! Once in Bangkok, we’re heading straight to Khao San Road – backpacker central!

So far we’ve sorted our flights, travel insurance, accommodation for the first few nights, internal flights, backpacks (thanks to Helen and Alex for lending them to us!) and other random things that I’ll write about separately, like which toiletries we’re planning to take, what we’re packing etc.

The next items on our to-do list are:

-Booking accommodation in the Thai islands (starting off in Ko Samui)

-Booking ferries between the islands

-Organising our PADI course for when we’re in Koh Tao

Our RTW route is going to take us through the following countries: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, LA and then back to the UK in February – it’s going to be freezing! I realise we’re going to look ridiculous when we return, tanned wielding huge backpacks, covered in goosebumps in February but such is life! We won’t make the mistake of wearing flip-flops and shorts on the return flight to England…we’ll layer up – promise!

Anyway, welcome to our blog! Hope you enjoy reading about our travels!


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