Laura’s toiletries packing list (so far!)

So, I’ve read so many blogs that say, “don’t take toiletries with you, you can buy it all cheaply in Asia” but although I’m no diva when it comes to appearances, I’m still going to take a few key items with me. It has taken quite a long time to get to grips with my skin and just because I’m not going to be wearing makeup all day and will be mostly wearing suncream it doesn’t mean that I’m going to abandon all products in the name of backpacking.

So, face-wise I’m planning to take:

Bioderma H20 Micellar cleansing water

Caudalie Beauty Elixir (not just because it has a cool name…)

Garnier Moisture Match Illuminating moisturiser 

-Vaseline (large pot of original, small pot of the pink one for ‘glamming up’)

Murad blemish spot treatment

-Hydrating eye gel

I think that as long as you’ve got the usual suspects: cleanser, toner, moisturiser and lip balm…you’ll be fine. Although you will (I assume) be using suncream when you’re away and protecting your skin in that way, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a little TLC.

I’ve also invested in some Elizabeth Arden factor 50 suncream for my face but will get a regular factor 30+ for the rest of me. Having been to the No. 7 counter in Boots to find out my perfect shade of foundation a few months ago and being told that I’m the second palest shade available, I’m taking no chances! No-one wants to risk skin cancer or (much less importantly!) be sunburnt in all holiday snaps!


Yes, I know…this is not important when you’re travelling but if you do have temperamental skin, it boosts your confidence and also, means you can feel a bit more dressed up occasionally. I’m only going to take a few things, BB cream with factor 30, pink vaseline, waterproof mascara/semi permanent mascara and I’m considering taking a pot of translucent mineral powder to get rid of the suncream sheen in the evenings.

So anywho, I may risk the wrath of hardcore backpackers by even suggesting that I’m bringing such luxury items but, everyone’s different…I may abandon all products* in preference of a life without bowing to consumerism** but I don’t think I will.


*except suncream obviously…

**and shower gel, shampoo/conditioner and deodorant…no-one wants to make friends with the smelly girl


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