The next stage

Both resignations handed in? Check!

A massive weight has been lifted now that everyone knows about our plans. However, now we really need to get cracking on the plans! My to-do list seems to be growing on a daily basis but I’m hoping (perhaps optimistically) to halve it next week. I’m getting slightly apprehensive about how much there is still to plan but I know we can do most things as we go along.

There are a couple of things on my to-do list that I would never have thought that I’d have to consider…

1) Contact Student Loans Company – apparently you need to let them know that you’re leaving the country if you’re going for over 3 months and prove that you are going to be supporting yourself. I suppose they won’t be receiving any of our hard-earned cash for 6 months!

2) Contact phone company and see whether you can freeze your contract – NB: O2 don’t unless you’re in the armed forces…I’m with O2 – drat!

I’m going to post a generic to-do list soon, both to help future travellers and to prompt myself to action some of them!



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