The packing begins…(RTW)

Now we’ve both got our bags sorted, we can start to work out exactly how much we can take with us. This frankly, is terrifying! Not just because we have absolutely no upper body strength but because it’s hard to judge how much stuff you will need. Something else to bear in mind is that throughout our trip, there are different luggage weight restrictions for different flights. The lowest luggage weight for all of our flights is 20kg, which is handy.

Over the weekend I had a practice-pack and I’m pleased to report that I still have room left in the bag! And no…I’m not going to do what I always do – rejoice at the amount of space left and proceed to fill it to bursting point with unnecessary items (well, I’m going to try not to. The boyfriend is under strict instructions from the brother to halve the amount of stuff I’ve packed before I go…eek!). The other exciting news is that I was able to lift the bloomin’ thing! I weighed it (with absolutely no concept of how much a kilogram is) and it was less than 10kg! There are still a few bits to go in the bag but I feel much more prepared for the trip now. I was also pleased that although the bag was heavy to lift (see earlier note about lack of upper body strength), when it was actually on my back and I was strapped in, it didn’t feel as heavy at all! I also attempted walking upstairs with it on…which was more challenging but hopefully it will do my thighs some good (and not make them into tree trunks…)

It’s getting to that scary time where we’re saying our goodbyes to colleagues, friends and family and it feels very, VERY real now! We’re nearing the end of our vaccinations, we’ve received our visas for Vietnam and we’re practice-packing! Now we’re not counting down the months to our departure but the days!

Once I’ve got my head around what I’m taking with me, I’ll do a packing list on here. It’s my last day at work tomorrow and Kim’s last day on Wednesday…the panic is well and truly setting in now but so are the butterflies of excitement!


5 responses to “The packing begins…(RTW)

  1. Nice blog Laura, I’m packing my Canada bag today for real it’s so hard knowing what to take and what to leave behind! Hope you have an amazing adventure! 🙂

    • Are you only taking a bag Jamie? Crikey! I’d rather take a bit too much stuff and throw things away than not take enough but I think it’s worse because I have to actually carry the thing! Hope you have a great time in Canada too!

  2. Happy last day at work tomorrow! Hope there is cake involved 😉 Enjoying the blog so far, you are so brave! x

    • Yep! Apparently! I suspect my second round of packing will be a bit more though…I forgot a few things! x

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