The final week!

I think it’s fair to say that we are both slightly panicky/in denial that we’re going in 3 days time. But we’re ready!

We have practice-packed, charged all electronic devices, said goodbye to most people, photocopied/scanned all important documents (NB: Google Drive is really handy for storing these!), had our eyelashes tinted (one of the strangest experiences I’ve ever had – thus far!), had all of our vaccinations (I had 10 in total – ouch!), bought our malaria tablets and exchanged some currency. We didn’t want to get too much so we both got £50 worth of Thai Baht and $100 US dollars because when travelling through Laos/Cambodia, you need to pay for your visas on arrival and apparently the preferred currency for this is US dollars.

We fly out from Heathrow at 10.15pm on Monday 2nd September and after a brief stop in Dubai (literally an hour or so!), we fly straight to Bangkok! It will be approximately 7.15pm local time when we arrive so we’ll probably head straight for the hostel and depending on how tired we are, we’ll probably head out for some food or a bit of an explore.

Now, must do another practice-pack! Will post our final packing list when I’m done!


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