Bangkok – tuk tuks, temples and tourists

So, we left the UK at about 10.15pm on Monday and arrived in Thailand at about 7.30pm on Tuesday after changing planes in Dubai. We didn’t really sleep on the plane (too many films to watch including loads of Disney classics – win!) and when we got to our hostel, we decided to explore and get some food.

After wandering around Khao San Road for a bit, we stopped in a restaurant called My Darling and had our first pad thai and bottle of Chang beer, plus some deep fried cheese wontons, pork satay skewers and prawn crackers – lovely! It is very backpacker-y here so there are loads of people walking around all the time, dancing in the street and drinking huge vats of beer! We were so excited that we were in Bangkok that we didn’t actually get to sleep until about 4am…we decided to sleep until we naturally woke up, which was 3pm!

When we eventually surfaced, we went out to explore Bangkok. There are hundreds of tuk tuks up Khao San Road, the drivers all shout at you to see where you want to go and quote prices. We thought we would find out how much it would be to see a few of the sights and despite initially being quoted 300 baht (!) We eventually got an hour’s tour stopping at various landmarks for 2 baht each.


It is hard to describe being on a tuk tuk. You feel very exposed! You could literally reach out and touch passing cars! Hanging on for dear life, we sped round Bangkok and visited the standing golden Buddha, the Grand Palace and another Wat (temple). On the way, we also stopped at two tourist info/tour booking places and a tailor`s… We didn’t request these stops…we were taken there so our driver would get free fuel for his tuk tuk or some commission. Not impressed, next time we will be more specific with where we want to go and where we don’t!




The temples are absolutely stunning! We saw a group of Monks come out and heard a lot of chanting as we walked around taking photos, which was very atmospheric. We had to cover our shoulders when we went in, so we retrieved our scarves from our backpacks and went inside. It was so peaceful in there!


We just sat for a while and people came in to pray. The detail in the temples is just remarkable!

After that, our driver left us and we walked back to the hostel. We decided to go up to the rooftop pool for a bit, the sun was setting so it wasn’t as hot. So we had a swim, headed back to our room and showered before heading out for dinner. We decided that we would visit the Sky Bar at Lebua (made famous by The Hangover II) after dinner too. We went to another restaurant and I had red curry fried rice with chicken, Kim had chilli fried rice with chicken and we shared some vegetable spring rolls, deep fried marinated pork (a bit like crispy shredded chilli beef but not in a sauce) and some more prawn crackers – really scrummy! Then we got a tuk tuk to the bar.

It was absolutely amazing up there! 64 floors up, ear-poppingly high! We were shown to the outside bar by a very polite lady and handed the drinks menu. We were tempted by the Hangovertini but opted for a Berrytini instead. Free pistachio nuts sand olives were brought over too. The view was just incredible. We then realised that we weren’t in the actual Sky Bar, we were in another bar (Distil) on the same floor so we headed to the other bar. This bar was busier but it was still nice to have a look around.

Then we headed home, exhausted!

So that was our first couple of days! We made it! Bangkok is absolutely insane but our adventure has begun!



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