Farewell Bangkok!

We left Khao San Road on Friday morning and headed for Kim’s uncle Clay’s house, near Don Mueng airport, which used to be Bangkok’s primary airport. It didn’t take long to get there, after trekking halfway up the road in the heat to find a taxi, tuk tuks aren’t allowed to use the highway (motorway).

The taxi dropped us off outside Central Chaengwattana, which is a huge shopping mall! We met up with Clay and his boyfriend Chet and quickly headed inside to the air conditioned mall – heaven! We dropped the bags off in the car and headed up to the shops. It was huge! Seven floors up was a food area with loads of different sections offering different Thai food – yum! At the entrance to the food hall was a desk and we found out that we had to top up swipe cards with baht rather than paying the servers directly. Apparently they aren’t allowed to handle money, instead there is one cashier who has to pay 10,000 baht of their own money as a deposit to be allowed to be a cashier!

Anyway, we got our food. I had pad graphao gai, which was minced chicken with chilli, Thai basil and garlic, served with sticky rice and sweet chilli sauce. Kim had roasted duck with sticky rice. Lovely! Only about 59 baht each too – bargain!

We headed back to Clay’s and met the housemates:


Max the pug


Gucci the pekinese

Then we just chilled for a couple of hours and sorted our bags out before dinner, which was a curry called Penang Moo (Moo means Pork – not beef, which I think would be more appropriate!) It was fabulous!

We were still adjusting to Thai time so we had an early night. The next day we awoke to the smell of something yummy and found out that Chet’s mum had cooked us a Thai breakfast of roasted, marinated pork belly and rice. It was a bit strange eating that for breakfast but it was lovely!

After breakfast, we had a well-needed shower and headed out. Clay drove us all to the river and paid for a compost bag-sized bag of food so that we could all feed the thousands of catfish surrounding the jetty. It was madness! I’ve never seen so many fish in one place!





When we had run out of food, we headed back to the car but en route found ourselves in our first Thai rain storm! We were much more excited than everyone else about this! We took shelter for about 10 minutes before we made it to the car. We headed out in the evening for a steak dinner and then relaxed at the house and watched Skyfall. A very English evening! Ooh! I nearly forgot, we had an amazing bacon sarnie for lunch! We had lots of home comforts at Clay’s… Bacon, proper cups of tea and even After Eight mints!

We had a relatively early night as we were heading to Koh Samui in the morning.


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