Koh Samui- Lamai, lizards, and light fixtures

We woke up fairly early today as we were flying to Nakhon Si Thammarat to catch our ferry to the Thai island of Koh Samui. We had to say goodbye to the dogs first, and I found it very hard not to stash one of them in my bag!

Clay drove us to Don Mueng airport and we said our goodbye’s. We flew with Air Asia, which seems to be Asia`s version of Ryanair (the air stewardesses were wearing jeans!). It was basic compared to our last flight, but it was only an hour long so it was bearable.

We got off the plane and had an hour and a half on a coach before arriving at Donsak Pier. There was a large car ferry waiting for us and we boarded. The boat ride was about two hours long and the views were amazing.

After a short taxi ride we arrived at the Samui Beach Resort at Lamai beach. We decided to dump our bags and go and find the beach. We are staying in a ground floor room and again we have found ourselves with a big room and a big bed – perfect.

Both the pool and the beach are about a minute`s walk from our room. We took a walk down to the beach and found ourselves looking at white sand, crystal clear water, and palm trees. The views are spectacular.




We couldn’t wait to get in the sea and as the sun was setting we decided to have a swim. We found ourselves surrounded by tiny fish, lots of them yellow, black and stripy!

After having a peaceful swim in the sea we returned back to our room to find we had gained a roommate – a lizard! We went a bit crazy as it was running really fast along the wall. After ten minutes of debating what to do, we tried to get it out of the room. I shimmied the curtain to make it move whilst Laura banged her flip flop against the ceiling so we could try and get it out of the door. We eventually got the little gecko to run out of the door and I shut it firmly behind me hoping that was the last we had seen of him!

We went out for dinner just near our hotel, where there are a whole variety of restaurants and bars. After walking around for a while we realised that all they have in Koh Samui are Tattoo parlours and laundry shops. We found a little place that seemed busy and we shared some fried noodles with chicken, some vegetable spring rolls, and some pork satay. Again we had a lovely Thai meal.

We arrived back at our room, and what do we find, our roommate has resurfaced. We do not know how he got in, but he is back, has disappeared into the light fitting, and we are now coming to terms with the fact that we are sharing our room with a lizard tonight. Though we have heard that geckos are good for keeping bugs and spiders at bay, so if Fred keeps up his side of the bargain, we are happy for him to share with us.


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