A taste of island life – Koh Samui

We are nearing the end of our time in Koh Samui so let me fill you in on what we’ve been up to!

Where did we leave it last time? Oh yes, Fred the gecko was sharing our room with us!

So we had a bit of an anxious first night’s sleep, huddled underneath our mosquito nets, listening to grasshoppers and other things chirruping outside. The next day we decided to chill out and spend the day sunbathing – it was raining so we found a sheltered hut by the pool and waited it out. About 30 mins later, the rain stopped and we set up base on a double bamboo sunbed. Then the sun came out, it was baking! We didn’t need much persuasion to go in the sea!

We laid out in the sun for most of the day and were a little pink in the evening! Later that evening, after slathering ourselves in after-sun cream, we walked into Lamai centre. It was really quiet in town, but most places were still open. We found somewhere to eat, Kim had chicken fried rice and I had pad thai. It was lovely, it had a bit more of a kick than previously and a big lime wedge and toasted peanuts – my favourite so far, although I couldn’t finish it! My stomach must be shrinking!

The next day we headed out sightseeing. Our first stop was The Big Buddha, which was about half an hour away by tuk tuk. The tuk tuks are bigger here, a bit more like a Jeep with the back open. It was a bit of a white knuckle ride to be honest, its quite hilly on this island! We soon arrived at The Big Buddha and it didn’t disappoint!




It was huge! So ornate when you’re up close too! At the top, you could donate money and borrow a stick to bang loads of bells, all different sizes. We didn’t do this, choosing instead to enjoy other people’s banging…

After this, we headed to Big Buddha Coffee, a coffee shop which had been recommended to us by a friend and I had a refreshing iced coffee shake, Kim had a hot chocolate. We sat on a small balcony outside and watched the waves crash against the rocks.


Our next mission was to find another tuk tuk… we headed back to the entrance and waited for what seemed like ages before one turned up! We asked him to take us to Namuang Waterfall. If we thought the first tuk tuk ride of the day was scary, this one took us up hills at great speed! We arrived at the entrance of the waterfall and wandered around for a while before heading up the hill.

On our way, we passed several elephants! You could pay to ride them, but they didn’t look very happy.



Soon we came across a 4×4 which would take us up the mountain, however not all the way to the top as we soon found out!

This was a pretty hairy ride too!


NB: Kim is smiling because neither of us knows what lays ahead!

The ride only took a few minutes, when the truck stopped, we were faced with about five Australians, dripping with sweat, panting…”It’s really far!” they were all saying the same thing in between pants, “25 minutes to half an hour at least”! Now we were worried!!!

… for good reason!


The bridge turned out to be the least of our worries! We began our trek up the mountain! It was pretty rough terrain! Clambering through tree trunks, up ridiculously steep steps, we were sweating like mad!


There are no photos of either of us after this point…for obvious reasons! It was over 33 degrees, humid and we were going up hill! We were also slightly pink from the sunbathing the previous day…hot stuff!

But when we got there, it was lovely to sit near the waterfall!



Right, so we had made it… now we had to get down! We took our time getting down and then made it to the return 4×4!

We arrived back at our hostel, sweaty and starving! We hadn’t had breakfast or lunch… sorry parents but it must be the heat! We each wolfed down a bag of Cheetos (our new favourite snacks) and downed some water before going to sit on the beach. The sun had gone in but it was still warm. We had a swim before heading back to get showered and dressed. We were exhausted so decided to eat at the restaurant at our hostel, I had a lovely red curry pork with rice:


…and Kim went for the popular Thai dish: spaghetti carbonara! Both meals were great! We were sitting right by the beach to eat and there was loads of lightning over the sea. It was beautiful!

So that brings you up to date, we leave Koh Samui and head to Koh Phangan tomorrow!



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