Thailand toilets thus far…

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering when the first live bog roll update will be posted so…here it is!

For the most part it has actually been alright – so far!

All have been Western style, the only difference being that instead of loo roll, they have a small shower head. Thais don’t use toilet roll, they use this shower head to clean themselves, I guess like a manual bidet.

Most hotels/hostels should provide at least one roll of toilet paper on arrival. We bought a few when we were in Bangkok and both of us carried spares in our bags, just in case!

There has only been one horrific incident so far… It actually prevented us from using the loo…we ended up waiting at least 30 minutes before we went, rather than using it… We had just disembarked the ferry at Ko Samui port and were being hounded by taxi drivers. I headed off in the direction of the toilets, still carrying rucksack on my back and my day pack on my front… in over 30 degree heat, to find several deep sink-like things, filled up almost to the brim and it stunk to high heaven so I ran, well, walked as far as my legs could carry me, away. I assume squatting would have been the plan of action but I just couldn’t face it. Besides, I would have had to put my bags on the floor and it was pretty gross in there. I would class it as a toilet of desperation…I will never be that desperate!


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