From Koh Samui to Koh Phagnan

To make up for the previous toilet-related post, here are some pretty pictures…




The top photo is the view from our hostel and the bottom two were taken at Ao Chaloklum, a beautiful bay where we spent most of the afternoon. Ex-colleagues of mine might recognise the middle photo as it’s quite similar to the photo I set as my desktop background at work, though much wonkier as it was so bright, I couldn’t see the screen!

Anyway, we left Koh Samui on Wednesday and took a ferry to Koh Phagnan. Our hostel offered free pickups from the pier, which was great so we were back to the hostel in no time. We were given refreshingly cold glasses of fresh orange juice when we arrived – very much appreciated! We had decided to cut the cost of our accommodation in half and see what it was like.

On first arrival we panicked and thought we’d made the wrong choice… our hut had slatted windows which didn’t close properly and as such there were loads of mosquitoes, our sworn enemy inside. Arghhhh! I channelled Mr Miagi and got rid of them but what were we to do about the window!?

Well, young grasshoppers…I whipped out my surgical tape and hair grips and dragged the decorative throw off of the bed and effectively mosquito-proofed our room!

Our hostel is called Lime N Soda. If I can forgive them for the ‘N’, so can you! It’s situated close to Thong Sala pier and has an amazing view out over the sea.


This photo was taken shortly before a huge storm!

On our first day, we went down to the pool area and got a cold drink before having a swim. There are loads of facilities here, ping pong tables, volleyball court, water polo nets, snorkels etc. In the evening we decided to go for a walk and find somewhere for dinner, just as we were too far to turn back, the heavens opened and we experienced our first Thai rain shower.

The next day we decided to stay at the resort and work on our tans, it was lovely for most of the day until about 4pm when the grey clouds in the photo above moved towards us and there was a monsoon-like downpour! The rain didn’t stop all night so we ate at the resort, I had my first green Thai curry of the trip and it was really lovely!

On our final full day on the island, we decided to head to Chaloklum, which I’d read was a small fishing village. It was beautiful! Like a postcard!



There was hardly anyone else on the beach, the long boats in the picture were ‘taxi boats’ to take people to Bottle Beach, but we decided to enjoy the beach we were on. The water was so clear and warm, definitely worth the trip! This beach is at the top of Koh Phagnan and our hostel is at the bottom.

It was absolutely baking so after a couple of hours we got a taxi to Haad Salad, or Salad beach.



We had been told that the sunsets here were amazing but unfortunately it had started to cloud over… when we got back to our hostel, we headed straight to the bar for a cold drink. I had a fresh coconut shake, served in said fresh coconut – bliss!

So we leave Koh Phagnan tomorrow for Koh Tao where we might do our PADI scuba diving course – eek! At the moment, I’m more worried about the 1 1/2 hour ferry journey…gulp!



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