Hostel or Hostile?

Until this trip, I don’t think I’d ever stayed in a hostel. I always associated them with backpackers, which I was not…when I was researching the trip, several people were surprised that for so little money, we were staying somewhere with a rooftop pool for example.
So, I thought it would be a good idea to do mini-reviews of the ones we’ve stayed in and if we would recommend them, they will be referred to as hostel… if they weren’t great, they are hostile

As it took a huge thunderstorm to hit before I thought of this idea, here is a round up of the hostels we’ve stayed in so far…

D and D Inn – Khao San Road, Bangkok

So this was our first stop, in backpacker central. I think it really depends how much you pay for the room here… We actually had quite a good one. A big window looking out on a little paved area with trees full of birds, huge bed, free Wi-Fi, TV, air con, en suite with warm shower and it was relatively quiet! An Irish couple that we spoke to in the pool were telling us that their room was tiny with a little window and really noisy so we assumed they were on the street side where all the partygoers revelled. The pool was lovely and it was right in the heart of the main street so we thought it was a good backpacker hostel, as long as you know that you get what you pay for and if it says “noisy”, it means it! There was also building work going on during the day.

Cleanliness- 8/10
Atmosphere- 8/10
Location- 9/10
Best feature- Rooftop pool
Hostel or Hostile?- Hostel

Samui Beach Resort – Koh Samui

This was about 30 minutes away from the port but is located almost directly on Lamai beach – lovely!


This hostel was made from a variety of bungalows and lower ground apartments. We were in a lower ground room, one of five or so in a block. The room was very spacious, had another huge bed, air con, free Wi-Fi TV, fridge, en suite (wet room) but, unlike the previous hostel, our door actually opened to the outside so we were more at risk of bugs and other creatures (as we found out when Fred came to stay…). Also there was no outside light so we had to use a torch so we could see where the keyhole was. But this hostel had a lovely location on the beach, was fairly close to the centre of Lamai where we ate on two of the nights, the onsite restaurant was great and apart from crickets/grasshoppers, it was really quiet! When they cleaned the room each day, they also left two bottles of water, which was much appreciated and the staff were all very friendly and helpful. The only downside was that there was some building work going on near the pool so it was a bit noisy.

Cleanliness- 7/10
Atmosphere- Quiet so 6/10
Location- Beach setting good but town very quiet 6/10
Best feature- Beach
Hostel or Hostile?- Hostel

Lime N Soda – Koh Phagnan

Forgiving this hostel for the ‘N’ in its name was tough initially but we decided to go for a cheaper room than previously, omitting the previous air con that we have come to love… and the actual hostel looked good and had good reviews on Trip Advisor so we went for it. It also included a free pickup from the port which was appreciated. On arrival we were given cold, refreshing glasses of fruit juice and someone carried our bags to our room (also much appreciated!). Our room was very basic, a fan replaced the air con, there were slatted windows which didn’t fully shut, meaning that mosquitoes could enter freely… we were pretty panicked when we first arrived but after some frankly inspiring DIY (using surgical tape and hair grips to cover the window), we mosquito-proofed our room. The en suite was a wet room, which you had to step down into and the size of the room next that you had to hold the shower head in one hand rather than standing underneath because it would have soaked the entire bathroom. The water was cold too, a shock at first but actually very refreshing in this ridiculously hot weather! The staff were all very attentive and friendly, there’s a laundry service and nice pool. The whole area was filled with activities that you could do, volleyball, ping pong, water polo, board games etc. But we didn’t get a lot of sleep because the fan was very noisy, but very necessary!

The view was great though…




Cleanliness- 6/10
Atmosphere- 9/10
Location- 7/10
Best feature- View
Hostel or Hostile?- Hostel

Amonrada House – Koh Tao

We booked this hostel literally the day before arriving and were pleasantly surprised. It didn’t have a pool or in-house restaurant but was close to the beach and had air con. When we arrived, we were told that we had been given a bigger room than we’d paid for – result! The only downside to this was that we were two floors up and when you have a huge backpack on your back and a rucksack on your front on… and it’s over 30*, this feels like your Everest! We had a sea view (though it was pretty far away!) And the man on reception was lovely. We were close to the local shops, restaurants and bars and most importantly, the 7-Eleven! The shower was a little hit and miss, but mostly hot and quite powerful! We ended up staying an extra night so that we could do the boat trip and were happy with our choice.

Cleanliness- 7/10
Atmosphere- Was basically just the room but the TV had good movie channels
Location- 8/10
Best feature- Location
Hostel or Hostile?- Hostel

Lanta Riviera Resort – Koh Lanta

Where to start…hmmmm…let’s start by saying that a seven hour journey from Koh Tao took closer to twelve. That should show you how desperate we were to get to our hostel, change into our bikinis and get straight to the pool for a swim and a lie down. This didn’t happen. We arrived and noted that the sign for the onsite bar had a huge cannabis picture on it…great. The man on reception had no idea about our booking, then when he worked it out, took us to the room. It was huge but horrible. The fan was really noisy, there was a huge gap all the way around the front door and the bathroom was horrible, dirty, mouldy, smelly – a big cockroach emerged from the drain when Kim was having a shower. Almost immediately after arriving, we decided not to stay. It was quite late in the day when we arrived so we had to stay one night. The pool was being repaired, the restaurant was closed, the whole place was a building site! It was the worst night’s sleep I’ve had in ages. I was baking hot, the fan was so noisy and after the cockroach incident, I was on edge! Bad bad place. The only good thing was that there was an amazing restaurant on the main road, #2 best restaurant in Koh Lanta according to Trip Advisor – Kwan’s Cooking School. But on our walk back to the hostel, there was a huge bonfire randomly on the side of the path. Great!

Cleanliness- Nonexistent
Atmosphere- None
Location- Near #2 best restaurant in Koh Lanta which was amazing but very quiet.
Best feature- Path leading away from hostel
Hostel or Hostile?- HOSTILE!!!

That’s up to date now. We changed hostels and are much happier now! Phew!


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