Koh Lanta – low season, lizards and loads of crabs

The night before our boat to Koh Lanta was due to leave we were lying in bed awake at 4am due to a storm that was raging outside. It was the worst weather we had experienced since arriving in Thailand, and we were genuinely worried that our boat would not make it!

Neither of us could sleep and so we laid in bed worrying until we left our hotel at 5.30am. This was the start of a very, VERY long journey. We had a four hour boat trip to Surat Thani, followed by a coach journey to Krabi that lasted over two hours. We were then taken by taxi to a small shack by the side of the road. Here we had to wait over an hour before we got in a minivan and drove for nearly two hours. We were told that we should have been on an earlier boat to Koh Lanta, but as there were so few visitors to the island, we had to wait for a later boat. After all the hours of travelling we were not very pleased!

The minivan took us on two car ferries, which thankfully only took about ten minutes each time to cross the water. Finally we had landed on to Koh Lanta. We arrived at our hostel at 5.30pm, our journey had taken us 12 hours!

We arrived to not a very nice hostel (see Hostel or Hostile post!) and regretted booking three nights there. We were so exhausted from our day that we decided to stay one night and then try to find somewhere better. That night we went for a lovely meal at Kwan’s cookery school and restaurant, which is a family run place where you can learn to cook the dishes that you eat, it’s also #2 best restaurant in Koh Lanta despite only being open since January.  After a delicious meal we headed back for an early night.

The next morning we couldn’t wait to leave! We got a tuk tuk to our next place, which was the next beach resort along from where we were. We arrived to some lovely bungalows close to Khlong Dao beach. We were met by a friendly man called Poppy who showed us to our bungalow. Satisfied that it was a million times better than our previous residence we got settled in. Poppy showed us to the beach  which was absolutely beautiful, we were the only ones on it, aside from millions of tiny crabs, which spoilt it slightly.


We spent the afternoon by the pool and headed into the local town, Saladan, for dinner. On route we saw a huge lizard by the side of the road, it must have been over a foot long! We might not have been so pleased to find this one in our room! We ate in a restaurant on stilts in the sea, which was amazing. I had fried chicken, vegetables, and rice, which came served in a pineapple, shaped like a chicken!


Koh Lanta was incredibly quiet, it is low season there at the moment, and it felt like a bit of a ghost town when we left the restaurant.

The next day we went on a boat trip that was meant to go to four islands; Koh Ngai, Koh Mook, Koh Kradan, and Koh Ma. Unfortunately we couldn’t go to Koh Mook (also known as the emerald caves) because the tide was too high. The other spots were beautiful and we had a great time snorkelling and seeing all of the colourful fish.




This island was largely inhabited by bats!





We learnt that fish like pineapple, the staff on the boat kept throwing some overboard and hundreds of fish would come swarming up to the surface to grab it.


On the way back we sat right at the front of the boat. The sea was so rough, and we got absolutely soaked, but we loved it!

That evening we headed back into Saladan for dinner. This time we went to another restaurant on stilts in the sea, but that had been recommended to us by a friend. Again, we had a lovely Thai meal.




The next morning we got ready to leave Koh Lanta. After having some breakfast…


…we spent our remaining time on the island chatting to Poppy before we had to leave to get our boat to our next destination: Koh Phi Phi.



5 responses to “Koh Lanta – low season, lizards and loads of crabs

      • be glad you’re not throwing up all over the place! if you are…ziploc baggies will be your best friend lol 🙂

        enjoy it though, my transport stories are some of my favourites now that i’m back from my trip!

      • I was…a bit earlier on the boat to Phuket which took double the time that it was meant to…but I didn’t have breakfast so it wasn’t too bad! Thanks for the tip about the bags, I have some and yet chose to stumble about all over the boat looking for a sick bag!

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