Hostel or Hostile – Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi and Phuket

As I said in the previous H or H, the hostel that we moved to after the hostile was much better!

Lanta Scenic Bungalows – Koh Lanta

When we arrived, we were met by a lovely man called Poppy who showed us to our room. It was so much better than the last place, however, Poppy told us that the pool was currently being built…oh… it didn’t say that on the website. The disappointment must have shown on our faces so he said we could use a neighbouring hostel’s pool and that he’d show us where it is. So the three of us went a-wandering and when we reached the pool, we decided that it was quite nice so we were happy. The room had air con, TV, fan, free water each day and we liked Poppy. There wasn’t much around the area and because it was low season, it was quite hard to get a tuk tuk from the hostel to the pier. But it was very close to the beach and the room was good.

Cleanliness- 8/10
Atmosphere- We were the only guests but Poppy was very kind and offered us tea and coffee etc. And we had a good natter with him 🙂
Location- 6/10
Best feature- Beach and Poppy
Hostel or Hostile?- Hostel

JJ Bungalows – Koh Phi Phi

When we arrived on the island, we were hoping to meet a friendly hostel employee who would wheel our bags in a metal wheelbarrow to the hostel. No such luck! We ended up walking there with both bags on, dodging bicycles etc in the midday sun. Fortunately, we both must have looked awful because someone in a diving shop gave us a map. It only took about ten minutes to get to the hostel. When we got there, we had to walk up loads of steps (see Koh Phi Phi blog…) Which wasn’t fun. The room was good, pretty huge! The hostel was about a five minute walk from the main area and quite well-lit, though in the evening there was quite a sewage-y smell along the road. The room had air con, TV, fridge with free water every day and it was pretty quiet, though that may be because by the time people have reached their rooms, they are too out of breath to say or do anything…

Cleanliness- 8/10
Atmosphere- 4/10 – not many people around
Location- 8/10 except stairs…
Best feature- Pool
Hostel or Hostile?- Hostel

Star Hotel Patong – Phuket

This was both our cheapest hotel/hostel and the best! It was quite modern, clean and in a good location, however no tuk tuk drivers knew where it was…which was irritating. It was bug-proof, quiet, there were complimentary toiletries – fancy! The room had air con, TV, no bugs, fridge, pool towels to borrow and was very nice. There was a rooftop pool, quite small but very much appreciated in the heat! It was about a ten minute walk to the beach, there were a few Family Mart’s nearby (like a 7-Eleven…) And there were plenty of tuk tuks around.

Cleanliness- 6/10
Atmosphere- 4/10
Location- 7/10 but no-one we asked, knew where it was…
Best feature- Room and price
Hostel or Hostile?- Hostel

There we go!


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