A few days in Phuket

As we walked down to the pier from our hotel in the boiling heat, carrying our rucksacks, we were hoping for a pleasant one hour boat journey to Phuket. However, the sea was the roughest we had experienced so far and as the attendants walked up and down the boat giving out sick bags, I knew we were in for a rough ride. After two hours, some massive waves, and a few instances of being sick, our boat finally arrived in Phuket.

We were desperate to get onto land and to our hotel. After a short taxi ride we arrived at our hotel, still feeling a little shaky. Our hotel was near Patong Beach, so as we were unable to check in until later, we dumped our rucksacks and headed for a wander along the beach.

It was incredibly hot and we walked for what seemed miles, feeling ill and not really knowing what we were looking for. Then we saw it. The famous gold arches. Oh yes, it was a McDonalds. The best McDonalds we’ve ever had in our lives. Don’t get all judgy, it was epic!

Feeling better after eating, we headed back to our hotel to check in. We were only paying 200 Baht a night each for this hotel which is the cheapest we have paid so far, so we were not expecting much. It turned out to be the best hotel we have stayed in to date. We spent the rest of the afternoon up by the rooftop pool.

That evening we headed into the town in our preferred method of transport, a tuk tuk. However in Phuket, they are not normal tuk tuks, but suped-up versions with the biggest speakers and the most flashing lights that we have seen. Our one decided to blast out “The Real Slim Shady”, and as we drove past the neon lights of the town, we decided that this was one of the most touristy areas of Thailand that we have visited so far.


Phuket is fake city and you can get anything from Mulberry bags to Converse shoes. Not having room in our rucksacks we decided not to buy anything but to head for a drink instead. We found an Australian bar, which are everywhere in Phuket. It had a great atmosphere where the staff play games with the customers. 



Hoping to see a bit more of the real Thailand, and to leave the Starbucks and Australian bars behind us, the next day we headed to the Big Buddha, which is the biggest Buddha we have seen in Thailand. It was magnificent, and is only being built as it receives donations, so is still unfinished.



After that we headed to Wat Chalong, which is a beautiful temple.




The next day we spent relaxing at the beach and headed to the main strip in the evening. It reminded us of being in Bangkok, it was extremely busy, and there are people offering you suits, taxis and ping pong shows in every direction.


That was our time in Phuket and the south of Thailand over, we are heading to Chiang Mai next!


One response to “A few days in Phuket

  1. wow how lucky are you two what a beautiful temple and such a huge Buddha I love them . it was lovely to chat the other day carry on enjoying your magic holiday I am just going to sit in the garden its so hot here today xxxxxxxxxx granma

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