Toiletries update

So we’ve started running out of things now…but there are loads of pharmacies and mini-marts, we’ve seen quite a few Boots’ stores too but something to watch out for is that most of the products on offer are ‘Whitening’. I would say that 80% of the products on sale are whitening. It’s quite hard to find things like moisturiser without them containing whitening treatment.

Fortunately there are loads of familiar brands, we’ve picked up some Soap and Glory body butter and even Boots’ own brand shower gel. Some of the fragrances are a bit peculiar…Beer and Egg for example…

It has been nice to be make-up-free! It’s so blooming hot and humid here that make-up wouldn’t stand a chance anyway!

Anywho, there’s an update for you. Watch out for whitening products in SE Asia, unless that’s what you fancy.


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