Hostel or Hostile – Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Hong Kong

So, to refresh your memory… We’d been staying in a hotel in Siem Reap where they brought us nightly bedtime stories – amazing! We then took a bus to Phnom Penh.

Khmer City Hotel – Phnom Penh

When we arrived, we were pretty disappointed…the bathroom was dirty, there were hairs on the floor of the shower, the walls had mysterious stains, including damp…Basically, it was pretty rank. It was also seemingly in the middle of nowhere… We headed out to find some food as we were starving and had to walk for ages down dark, seedy streets with no other tourists walking around before we found somewhere. Not good. However there was air con, WiFi, hot water, TV and free bottled water daily.

Cleanliness- 2/10
Atmosphere- 0/10
Location- 2/10
Best feature- Free bottled water
Hostel or Hostile? – Hostile

Sary’s Guesthouse – Phnom Penh

Desperate to find somewhere a bit closer to the action, we booked a room which was supposedly near the riverside, the market, the night market, Wat Phnom and the Grand Palace. We were three floors up, which was exhausting with our bags. The first night was horrendous, we had booked a basic room, with no window because it was cheap. Neither of us slept properly because there was a lot of damp and basically the room stunk! The next day, we upgraded to a better one, which had a balcony, a window, air con, WiFi, TV, room to do laundry, free daily water and toiletries etc. We decided to stay an extra few nights here.

Cleanliness (of new room, let’s forget about the first hideous night)- 7/10
Atmosphere- 6/10
Location- 9/10
Best feature- Proximity to sights and main action of city.
Hostel or Hostile? – Hostel

Luan Vu – Ho Chi Minh City

This hostel was easy for us to find, walking from the bus station, it was recommended in the Rough Guides – South East Asia on a budget book (Thanks Claire!) and it was on the main backpacker strip of Ho Chi Minh. We were on the fourth floor… oh lordy! But, the room was lovely, very clean, one single and one double bed with two cushions each – luxury! The room had air con, TV, hot water, WiFi, fridge, and tea and coffee making facilities.

Cleanliness- 8/10
Atmosphere- 5/10
Location- 8/10
Best feature- Room was just nice in general
Hostel or Hostile? – Hostel

Hanoi 3B – Hanoi

We arrived at this hostel at around midnight because our flights were delayed and were disappointed but too tired and weary to do anything about it. The bed filled most of the room, there was a window which didn’t lock properly, I had no idea how I’d be able to get into the shower, it was tiny. We were woken up at about 7am the next morning by loud drilling, banging, shouting…argh! We phoned down to reception and changed our booking and checked out almost immediately. The room had air con, fridge, WiFi, TV but was right next to some heavy building work.

Cleanliness- 5/10
Atmosphere- 0/10
Location- 0/10
Best feature- Towel in shape of elephant on bed
Hostel or Hostile? – Hostile

Tu Linh Legend Hotel – Hanoi

As you might remember from the Hanoi blog, we had some problems booking the next hostel… so we ended up here. The banging was going on when we checked in and continued into the night. This was the hotel that had building work going until gone 2am and they gave our key to a couple of randoms in the middle of the night. It had air con, TV, WiFi, mini bar, bath. There were also two cockroaches.

Cleanliness- 4/10
Atmosphere- 0/10
Location- 2/10
Best feature- Cups provided in room for cockroach removal (not their intended purpose obviously…)
Hostel or Hostile? – Hostile

Little Hanoi Diamond Hostel – Hanoi

This was the hostel we thought we’d booked for the previous night. What a joy it was when we checked in, lovely helpful staff, good room and it was nice and quiet! The room had air con, WiFi, fridge, TV, bath and they gave us a complimentary plate of biscuits every couple of days. Breakfast was included but we only went on the last day, it was rubbish but didn’t spoil our stay.

Cleanliness- 9/10
Atmosphere- 8/10
Location- 7/10
Best feature- Staff and free biscuits
Hostel or Hostile? – Hostel

Maple Leaf Guesthouse, Chungking Mansions – Hong Kong

If you’ve read the Hong Kong blog, you will know how tiny the room was but it was very clean. My head touched one wall and my feet, the other and using the bathroom was pretty hilarious but we knew it would be like this here, so we laughed and embraced it. We did move to a larger room the day after, which had twin beds and slightly more room in the bathroom, though I was still showering with my bum in the sink! Too much info? Both rooms had air con, WiFi, fans, hot water, TV (no channels in English though) and have given us a few funny anecdotes.

Cleanliness- 8/10 (Points deducted because Kim was greeted by a cockroach in the middle of the night in the slightly bigger room, in front of her face!)
Atmosphere- 5/10
Location- 10/10
Best feature- Location, despite being in the seedy Chungking Mansions
Hostel or Hostile? – Hostel



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