Beautiful Bali

After two flights and a very long wait in Singapore airport we finally reached Bali. It was late at night so we headed straight to bed and decided to explore in the morning.

Our first thought when we woke up was that it was very hot, just what we wanted. Bali was going to be our chill-out time. After the madness of Hong Kong all we wanted to do was relax, and act like we were on holiday rather than travelling around.

That morning we headed to Kuta beach which was a short walk away from our hostel. It was gloriously hot and we were looking forward to sunbathing and getting our tans back!

The beach was beautiful and went on for miles. It was full of surfers as apparently Bali is one of the best places to catch the waves. Kuta beach is apparently good for learning to surf, which we didn’t do this time but could be tempted next time!



We found some sunbeds and spent the day relaxing, swimming and watching the surfers. Suddenly the beach started to get really crowded, and we could see lots of people heading towards us. It turned out that they were school children who were learning English, and who better to approach than two very English looking people?!

We spent a lot of that afternoon answering questionnaires, as the children approached us in small groups. They all had the same questions given to them by their English teacher, so we were repeating ourselves over and over again. However, we liked to think that we were doing a good deed and helping them out. They also asked us to ask them certain questions, and then give them a grade based on their response. I lost count of how many times that happened that afternoon. The children were incredibly friendly and seemed genuinely excited to speak to us.

After school kicking out time the beach got even more crowded. We were approached a few times by kids wanting to have their picture taken with us. At first we thought it was weird, but then just realised they like tourists and seeing people with a different skin colour to theirs.


The sunset on the beach was incredible, and the skies lit up in the most amazing colours.



The next day we spent by the pool at our hostel. The day after we checked out ready to move to our luxury hotel. We decided to treat ourselves to a four star hotel in Bali for two nights. It was certainly worth paying for. We had a lovely room, and the hotel was right next to the beach. It had a massive swimming pool with a swim-up pool bar. We even got a free massage in the luxury of our room.

The hotel was right next to a shopping centre which had a few of our UK favourites; Topshop, Miss Selfridge and New Look for us to wander around. There was also an American Diner where we ate some amazing burgers, called Johnny Rockets. All of the staff shout ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ when you walk in and out and they also do a crazy dance routine in the middle of the restaurant.

After two nights of luxury we had to leave to stay in a cheaper place. We ended up in a horrible room, where we had to walk through a crypt like place to get to our door. It was dirty and full of bugs. The only good thing was that it was the first place we stayed that had a DVD player, and so we tried ignore the vileness by watching episodes of The Inbetweeners. We stayed one night and then left!

We ended up back at the first hostel we had stayed in. It was fairly basic, but it had a swimming pool and we knew it was safe. We stayed here for another five nights.

Every single day the weather was amazing and we spent our days sunbathing by the pool or heading down to the beach. It was definitely the relaxing time that we needed!

Next we are heading to Gili Trawangan!



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