Hostel or Hostile – Airlie Beach, Byron Bay, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne

Beaches- Airlie Beach

The only thing that was good about this hostel was the location and the food in the restaurant. The rest of it was awful. We were staying in a 10 bed dorm and we were the only English people in our room. It was noisy, dirty, and the bathroom had cockroaches! It was not ideal but it provided a good base location for us to explore the Whitsundays. We had some great food there as they had a deal on every night where we could pick from a variety of choices and get a drink for only $6.50.

Cleanliness- 2/10
Atmosphere- 6/10
Location- 9/10
Best feature- $6.50 meal deal
Hostel or Hostile? – Hostile

Cape Byron YHA- Byron Bay

We were in a 10 bed dorm in this hostel but it felt more like a 5 dorm as it was separated into two rooms, which felt a lot quieter than our previous hostel. There was a lovely swimming pool and it was about a five minute walk to the beach and to the town.

Cleanliness- 6/10
Location- 8/10
Best feature- Swimming Pool
Hostel or Hostile?- Hostel

Zing Backpackers- Sydney

This hostel was located a short walk away from the train station that could take us into central Sydney. There were restaurants and a supermarket close by. We had booked our own room to stay in over Christmas and New Year so we could enjoy some peace! We had our own fridge and DVD player. As we had our own room we decorated it with the Christmas decorations we had bought in Asia and we also made some paper chains to hang up. The kitchen was always full of people, and there were a lot of long term residents who took up most of the space in the kitchen and the common room.

Cleanliness- 6/10
Atmosphere- 5/10
Location- 8/10
Best Feature- Our own DVD player
Hostel or Hostile? – Hostel

Canberra YHA- Canberra

This hostel was about a fifteen minute walk from the bus station but a short walk to the shops and restaurants. It was very clean and we were in a 4 bed dorm. We thought sharing with just two others would be nice and quiet, but it wasn’t, we were sharing with the nosiest snorer in the world! We moved next door and found another noisy snorer so we were not happy! However, the hostel had an indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna which was lovely.  It had a comfy common area and was very clean. It was just a shame there was not much to do in Canberra!

Cleanliness- 9/10
Atmosphere- 6/10
Location- 7/10
Best feature- The swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna
Hostel or Hostile? – Hostel

Spencer Backpackers- Melbourne

This hostel was about a fifteen minute walk from the bus station and supermarket. It was near a tram stop that could take us into the town. The room we stayed in was horrible. There were four other German girls, and they looked like they lived there. Their stuff was all over the floor and there was no room for us to put our things. It was dirty and the beds were so uncomfortable. The kitchen was disgusting and had cockroaches and the bathrooms were also unclean.

Cleanliness- 0/10
Atmosphere- 1/10
Location- 5/10
Best feature- Free WiFi
Hostel or Hostile?- Hostile

Pint on Punt- Melbourne

We had booked into an 8 bed dorm and we were just hoping that it would be better than our previous hostel. When we arrived we were told that we had been upgraded to our own private room so we were very pleased! The room was a bit dated, but apart from that it was OK. We were staying in the St Kilda part of Melbourne, but we were a bit far away from the shops and restaurants. It was fairly clean and a lot better than the other hostel we had stayed in previously.

Cleanliness- 7/10
Atmosphere- 5/10
Location- 5/10
Best feature- Our own room
Hostel or Hostile? – Hostel



One response to “Hostel or Hostile – Airlie Beach, Byron Bay, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne

  1. Well Laura you and Kim certainly have had a great time and I am very proud of you and all you have done this blog is great and gives all your good news look forward to your return all my love Nanny xxxxx

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