Heading down South – Christchurch, Purau, Akaroa, Queenstown

After a few days, we flew down to Christchurch. We arrived quite late at night and were picked up by Lyn who is a good friend of my parents. It was a little strange as we had never met before but we soon found each other and headed out of Christchurch and towards a small town called Purau, near Lyttleton harbour, where she and Keith, her husband lived. After a natter and a cup of tea, we headed to bed – in separate rooms, which was a little strange after spending nearly 5 months in the same room as each other, but it was luxurious!

When we awoke the following morning, the sunshine poured through the windows and we could see our surroundings. It was stunning! Surrounded by mountains with sheep grazing nearby, it was beautiful! We went downstairs for an explore before breakfast. We spent the day chilling and doing some research, before driving with Lyn over to nearby Akaroa for the International Akaroa Music Festival, preceded by a delicious dinner of fish and chips on the seafront.

Akaroa was a lovely little town with spectacular views!




The concert was outstanding, all the performers were so young but they were fantastic!


The next day, we set about planning our trip down to Queenstown and back up to Auckland. We found a $1 relocation rental car deal so decided to fly to Queenstown from Christchurch and then drive back up.

When we arrived in Queenstown, it was awful weather! We went for a wander around the town, the waterfront was beautiful and the low hanging cloud over the mountains was really atmospheric. As it was rainy, we decided to go to the cinema and watched Frozen, which was magical. After the film, we went to the legendary Ferg Burger for, well a frankly legendary burger! You must visit Ferg’s if you go to Queenstown!

The following day, it was glorious sunshine without a cloud in the sky. I threw myself out of a plane at 15,000ft and Kim hurtled down a river on a shotover jet. Both of us lived to tell the tale, fortunately! We had an amazing time! We definitely recommend both activities! As we’d both had an adrenaline-filled day, we went back to Ferg’s!

On our last day, we picked up our rental car – or should I say, Jeep! It was huge, I was expecting a small car but we ended up with a Subaru Forester?! Anywho, we had a long drive ahead of us, about 6 and a half hours until we would reach Lyn and Keith’s house so we had a big breakfast in Queenstown before we left.

On our way, we had to keep stopping the car because there were just so many breathtaking views!




The first photograph was taken just outside Cromwell and the bottom two photographs are of Lake Pukaki, which is one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen in my life, let alone this trip!

New Zealand is stunning!

Anyway, we arrived at Lyn and Keith’s quite late, they were thrilled to see that we were still alive and we were thrilled to be back in what I’ve decided is my dream house… with such lovely hosts. We left early the next morning and drove to the airport to hand back the “car” and pick up the camper!


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