We arrived in LA at about 4pm and took nearly two hours waiting to get through customs…when we finally made it out the other side, we took a shuttle bus to Union Station where we jumped on the Metro Red line and headed to Hollywood. As soon as we emerged from the tube station, we saw dressed up characters, neon lights and the stars of the Hollywood Walk of Fame! We were instantly energized and decided to drop our bags off before heading out for some food. The time difference between Fiji and LA meant that we woke up as normal on Monday  morning in Fiji, had the whole day there before flying out in the evening…then we arrived in LA at about 4pm on Monday, so we lived Monday twice! I thought we’d be exhausted but we were so excited that we perked up.

Our hostel was right on the Walk of Fame so we dropped off our bags and went on a hunt for a good burger! We found a Jack in the Box which didn’t disappoint.

The next day we went for a pancake brunch in a diner called Mel’s before having a wander around the shops on Hollywood Boulevard. We were shocked at how cheap everything was in LA. Having spent the past couple of months in Australia and New Zealand where we were shocked by how expensive it was, we were expecting to spend our last week eating in McDonald’s but we were pleasantly surprised – we seemed to get much more for our money in America! Shame we didn’t have any left after nearly 5 and a half months of travelling the world…

Our hostel location was incredible, we were surrounded by the cinemas where movie premieres happen and the walk of fame was literally on our door step! We spent some time wandering around outside the Chinese theatre where all the stars’ handprints are.




We spent one evening watching the Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunders at the Staples Centre. It was amazing! I’d never seen a live basketball game before and I got really into it! We were quite high up but still had an amazing view! We could even see Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Will Ferrell and Jack Nicholson from where we sat! It was a great game, the Lakers were in the lead for most of the game until the last quarter and it was SO close, it could have gone either way until the last 20 seconds when Oklahoma took the lead. The atmosphere was incredible! We had a great evening!

The following day, we decided to go to Universal Studios so we jumped on the metro and then got a free shuttle from Universal City station to the Studios. It was $84 for a day ticket, quite pricey but this was the only day trip type thing that we were doing in LA so we splashed out. We had a great day, we got there quite early so we managed to get on all of the rides before there were any queues, which was great!

Here are some pictures from our day:




Much like the tuk tuk drivers in Asia, as you walked up Hollywood Boulevard, people were desperate to get you to take a tour of Hollywood and “the stars’ homes”…in the end, we admitted defeat. We went on a tour, which took us up towards the Hollywood sign, down Rodeo Drive, into Beverley Hills and past lots of incredible mansions supposedly belonging to various celebrities.



It was actually a great morning, Hollywood is a really interesting place. Everyone is an actor, everyone think they’re the next big thing and there are people dressed up as celebrities and superheroes everywhere! It’s shamelessly self-obsessed but we loved it!

On our last day, we went for brunch at Mel’s again before doing a final spot of shopping and heading to the famous El Capitan Theatre to watch Lady and the Tramp.


The cinema was incredible, it was a great way to spend our last day in LA and the last day of our adventure.


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