A reflection on the past year and the come-down from our adventure…

It’s hard to believe that it has been over a year since Kim and I got back from our amazing adventure, it’s actually pretty horrifying how quickly you get back into your old rhythms…once you’ve found a job that is…and started earning money again rather than purely spending all of your savings!

When I got back, all I wanted to do was run away again! Not just because I was less-than-skint, unemployed, homeless (having been promptly dumped by my long-term boyfriend the day after returning home…) and jet-lagged but because in my opinion, coming down from an epic travelling adventure is so unbelievably hard – the combination of all of those factors was frankly unbearable. But would I change a single thing about quitting my job, packing up and going travelling? Hell no.

Travel inspiration

I can’t speak for Kim but, I always knew that I wanted to go travelling and I kind of also knew that my internal wanderlust wouldn’t be sated with the six-month trip…Even while we were away, I was writing a list of the other places I wanted to go and adding to it constantly!

So, the first thing I wanted to cover in this post was to wholeheartedly encourage anyone who wants to go travelling to JUST GO! There will always be reasons to make excuses and there will always be doubts about how much money it will cost or what might happen when you get back but my goodness, the time is now! The longer you put it off, the harder it will be to drop what you’re doing, to leave your job or to give up your rented flat etc. I’m not going to lie to you and say that it was easy to come back from the adventure, in fact in my case…it basically all went wrong at the same time…but it was the best experience of my life so far and whenever I feel low…I think back to how incredibly happy Kim and I were when we were away (and, if I’m completely honest, I just show myself the photos from white water rafting and that cheers me right up!) and then it is all worth it.

The other thing I wanted to say is that…I’ve got a new adventure in the pipeline, which I’m very excited about! My friend Alex and I are going to Japan in November for two whole weeks! JAPAN! So far we haven’t done much planning but we’ve got the tickets and that’s the main hurdle! I’ll be blogging about this new adventure and hope that you enjoy reading about it.

Have you been to Japan? If you have any advice or ‘must-do’-activities, please do get in touch!

Happy travelling and adventure-planning!



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