Rucksack or suitcase? That is the question…

As there are now less than 4 weeks until we go to Japan, my to-do lists have begun in earnest. I went up into the loft at the weekend and retrieved my beloved rucksack (or bakkupakku in Japanese!), The Beast so I can start putting things I’m planning to take in there.

And here she is, in all her glory!

The Beast

I’ve been undecided about whether to take my beloved rucksack or to take a pull along suitcase on this particular adventure. As I have a bad back at the moment, there are positives and negatives for each but I think I’ve decided to go for The Beast. Having the bag on my back will mean that I can get around easily and the weight will be evenly distributed. Otherwise I’ll be dragging it around behind me (constantly twisting a bit) and having to lift it up and down all the time for stairs etc. Anyway, I’m going to fill her up next weekend and walk around the house, up and down the stairs etc. and just make sure that it’s alright. If it’s not, my travel buddy Alex has offered to lend me his half rucksack, half suitcase hybrid, which might be perfect!

I bought The Beast from Sports Direct, back in 2013 before my RTW trip and it was 50% off. I’d definitely recommend looking there if you’re after something similar, I haven’t had any problems with it and they often have good offers. If you’re looking for a bag, make sure it has a rain cover (or make a note to buy one that stretches over), this is really important if you’re going somewhere in the rainy season…or if you’re going on ferries and they leave your bags on the top of the deck rather than putting them inside. Either way, it’s handy! I’m sure most bags do have it anyway…also, don’t put anything in the side pockets that you’d be sad if someone pinched – I’d recommend putting your dirty laundry or something in there. That’ll put off any potential thieves! Someone nicked a compact mirror and some hair clips from Kim’s bag on one of our flights, and although these weren’t high value, it was pretty unsettling for her to find that someone had been through her bag and taken some of her stuff.

What do you prefer to use for long haul travel? Have you named your bakkupakku?


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