Day trip to Mount Fuji

You can’t come to Japan without visiting Mount Fuji…so we headed back to Tokyo from Nikko at about 8am, left our bags in lockers at Tokyo station and got the train straight out towards Mount Fuji. 

Although some of the journey was covered in our JR pass, when we got to Otsuki, we had to buy a ticket to Kawaguchiko, which was about ¥2250, then an extra ¥300 if you want to take the express service that was leaving an hour earlier than the basic route we’d just paid for…so we boarded the express train towards Mount Fuji. Quite early on, the mountain became visible from the train and it was already pretty breathtaking then! 

After getting soaked in Nikko, we were pleasantly surprised that the sun was shining and it got lovely and warm! The reason that we were heading for Kawaguchiko rather than the Mount Fuji stops is that we’d read that you get a better view of the mountain from the Five Lakes. Once we’d arrived, we went for a wander to the largest of the lakes, Lake Kawaguchiko, which was lovely!  wp-1448456661303.jpeg

Though Not quite as lovely as Lake Chūzenji…that was spectacular! We wanted to get a better view of the mountain so we took a hop on, hop off sightseeing tour (¥1200 ). We rode the red line all the way to the final stop and were rewarded with a great view! 
There is plenty more to do in Kawaguchiko besides seeing Mount Fuki, like visiting the lava caves and a musical forest museum (?), and the sightseeing bus passes are valid for two days so if you have more time than us, it would probably be worthwhile staying nearby for a couple of days. We were more than happy just seeing the spectacular mountain!

It was quite a long journey home and we decided to go for dinner at Uobei again before picking up our bags and finding our accommodation for the night – one of Japan’s famous capsule hotels! We tried yet more dishes at the restaurant, including teriyaki yellow fin, red clam and squid before picking our bags up. Our next hostel was in Kawabuchi and we were exhausted by the time we arrived, though the excitement of the capsules reinvigorated us somewhat!

We were on a mixed floor with about 50 capsules and after the obligatory selfies were finished…

…we got ready for bed. I’m not going to lie, I hit my head, shoulder, knee and elbow countless times while trying to make the bed…but it was pretty cosy once I was all tucked up. I’m pretty tall (5’10” ish) so with my head right up against the back of the capsule, my feet were touching the wooden roller blind at the end, I was pretty paranoid that I’d kick a whole through the blind or release it by accident so it pinged up in the middle of the night, causing havoc! 

Fortunately it was fine and we slept pretty well, despite the fact that people’s phones and alarms went off in the middle of the night and someone was snoring…

We checked out at about 9.30am and headed to the train station, bound for Nagasaki!

Laura and Alex


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