Hostel or hostile? Tokyo, Nikko and Tokyo again!

Well, it has certainly been a long time since I’ve written a Hostel or Hostile! Here it goes…

Toco Tokyo Heritage Hostel, Tokyo
This was a lovely little hostel, very close to the metro station and in a quiet neighbourhood. There was a small bar area in the front building and they give you a free drink for each night of your stay. The actual accommodation is out the back, beside a tranquil rock garden and is a very traditional building with sliding doors and paper walls. You can either stay in a private room with tatami mats and futons or a dorm which sleeps 8 people in bunk beds. The dorm beds were pretty big and I was able to properly stretch out, plus the staff were so lovely and welcoming! 

Cleanliness – 8/10

Atmosphere – 8/10

Location – 6.5/10

Best feature – the rock garden was beautiful and peaceful, but the staff were also very friendly!

Hostel or Hostile? – Hostel 

Nikkorisou, Nikko

This hostel is easy to get to by bus from Nikko station (stop 7) and very close to the Shinkyo Bridge and Nikko National Park. Unfortunately, check in is from 4-10pm only, which was annoying! The hostel itself was very cold (thank god for heated toilet seats!) and although there was a heater in the room, it took a while to heat up. There is the option of a private room or a dorm here, which sleeps 6. The beds were okay but very creaky and there weren’t any decent lights in the bunks so we were reliant on the natural light from outside/sorting stuff out when everyone was up…the shower was nice, though there was only one for the whole building.


Cleanliness – 6/10

Atmosphere – 2/10

Location – 8/10

Best feature – location

Hostel or Hostile? – Hostile

Oak hostel cabin, Tokyo

This was the only capsule hotel we’d booked for the trip, mostly because we thought it was a must-do in Japan but also because we just needed a room for one night before we headed off to Nagasaki so it seemed like a good choice! Although it was a good 10/15 minute walk from the nearest tube, it was very clean and the staff were very welcoming. The shower facilities were lovely with female-only areas available and free shampoo, conditioner, hair dryers and shower gel (and face/body oil in the female only section!). There was a lounge facility and kitchen, which we didn’t use but there was free to and coffee available too.


Cleanliness – 10/10

Atmosphere – n/a as we weren’t there long enough

Location – 5/10

Best feature – novelty of being in a capsule

Hostel or Hostile? – Hostel


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