Hostel or Hostile? Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo

Here is the final H or H for our Japan trip. The first of these isn’t actually a hostel but I’m going to include it here anyway. 

Yamatoya Honten Ryokan, Osaka

This was the most expensive of all our accommodation and we booked a private ryokan room. It was nice inside but not as nice as we were hoping for. The toilet smelt pretty bad and no amount of deodorant helped. It was nice to have hot water provided for tea, biscuits and yukata to try on though! They came around at night to put the beds out for us and put them away each morning. The public baths downstairs was a nice feature, although a bit scary! The staff were all very friendly and overall, it was a good stay. I think some of the rooms could do with updating, our toilet and bathroom were very old. It was an interesting experience of a ryokan with the tatami mats and futon though!

Cleanliness – 5.5/10 (not unclean, just bad smell which wouldn’t leave)

Atmosphere – 7/10 (staff were lovely but no other interaction with guests really)

Location – 8/10

Best featureFor Laura: free green tea, biscuits and use of yukata. For Alex: public hot bath and sauna

Hostel or Hostile? – Hotel

Gion Ryokan Q-beh, Kyoto

Well, this hostel was an absolute delight! We got there a bit before check in was open but they were very welcoming and let us go and sit in the communal area. We were staying in a deluxe 10 bed hostel and to be honest, dreading it a bit after having a room to ourselves the previous two nights but it was amazing! The bed spaces were huge with a tatami mats, personal lamp and bedside table with a mirror! There were lots of toilets and showers, a communal kitchen area plus another communal space on the third floor with games and a great view! This was the best hostel we stayed in throughout our whole trip.

Cleanliness – 9.5/10

Atmosphere – 8/10 

Location – 8/10

Best feature – Large bed space/location/friendly staff

Hostel or Hostile? – Hostel
Book and Bed, Tokyo

We’d originally booked another hostel for our last nights but when we saw that this had opened, we quickly cancelled that one and booked this! You sleep inside a book case! A book case! Of course we were going to stay here! There were twelve or so beds in the main room and more next door (thiugh they were just normal dorm bunks. The facilities here were good, very new as you’d expect from a freshly opened hostel but no free tea/coffee facilities which would have been nice. 

Cleanliness – 9.5/10

Atmosphere – 9/10 (lots of people sitting quietly and reading, lovely!)

Location – 6/10

Best feature – Novelty of sleeping in a book case

Hostel or Hostile? – Hostel

2 responses to “Hostel or Hostile? Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo

    • Hi, no it didn’t really bother me. Readers are quite quiet and there were curtains across the bed so people couldn’t see in etc. It was fairly similar in atmosphere to most dorms to be honest. People tended to take books from the shelves and then either go to their own beds or sit on the communal seats which were a short distance from the actual beds. L

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