I’m moving to New Zealand!

Good evening, lovely followers!

This probably won’t come as a shock to any of you but I’ve been thinking about this for a while and have decided to move to New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa. While you’re under 30, you can go for up to 23 months, so really, this is the last chance I have to do this!

I haven’t felt like myself since I got back from travelling (see previous post) and I think the main thing I’ve realised is that not everyone has to follow the same path. Not everyone has to get married and settle down. The other thing I’ve realised (or rather, that my Dad has drilled into me since I got back from travelling…) is that this isn’t a dress rehearsal, we do really only get one chance at this life and so we owe it to ourselves to enjoy it! I’m not saying that everyone should pack up and travel the world, but I think everyone should stop putting so much pressure on themselves to be the same as other people.

Everyone wants something different out of life, whether it be to reach the top of their career ladder, find someone to settle down with, buy a nice house in the country, travel the world…but for a long time when I got back from my RTW trip, I felt like I was letting myself, my family and society down by not being engaged or married by now…not owning property and not being further along in my career. All I know now is that, I bloody loved who I was when I was travelling! I love having adventures and exploring new cities and cultures. So, quite simply…why not go and do it! At least then I’ll have no regrets. I’d hate to be sitting in my armchair in 50 years’ time, wondering “what if?”

So, my flight is booked for the 3rd October and I’ve had my Working Holiday visa approved so there’s no stopping me! If you have any recommendations, do let me know!


5 responses to “I’m moving to New Zealand!

    • I have tried to extend my stopover but it’s way too expensive 😦 unfortunately the pound is so weak now that my savings are worth even less…but I will come and visit you one day! You’re obviously welcome to swing by New Zealand too if you fancy it!

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