Working Holiday visa applications for New Zealand

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, in October I’m moving to New Zealand on a Working Holiday visa. So I thought I’d do a post about that because as it’s my first time applying for a work visa of any kind, there were a few things that I didn’t expect.

If you’re under 30, you can apply for a Working Holiday Visa for either 12 months or 23 months. If you are planning to go there for longer than 12 months, I’d still recommend going for the 12-month option because when you’re in New Zealand, you can extend your visa to the 23-month option but if you select it upfront, you have to have a medical and a chest x-ray by an Immigration New Zealand-approved physician, which can be really expensive. Plus, you only have two weeks after submitting your application to get the medical completed so it can be quite tight.

The visas cost £120 and you pay upfront when you do the application, it takes up to 5 working days to be approved, mine took the whole 5 but if you bear in mind the time difference, they are 12 hours ahead over so…don’t panic! I’ll admit, I panicked…but it was all fine! You have a year after it’s approved to enter New Zealand and then your visa begins from the day you enter the country. It’s also a multiple-entry visa so you can leave and come back as many times as you like within the 12/23 months.

There are some requirements, you need to have a return ticket OR enough money to pay for one. I’ll know when I go, whether they check this when you enter the country, but I’m planning to take a printed out, dated screenshot of my bank balance just in case! For 12 months you need NZ$4200.

Immigration NZ have recently updated their website and there’s loads more information on there. They also have an interactive checklist of things to do when you’re planning to emigrate with recommended timings etc. which is great!

What do you think, is anyone tempted?




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