It’s the final countdown!

Just under two weeks until my one-way flight to New Zealand and my goodness, I am excited*!!!

It has been a bit manic trying to get everything sorted, I was hoping that I’d be able to fit everything into my HUGE suitcase but not even my best packing efforts can make this work. I called my airline (Emirates) and was told in no uncertain terms that they did not allow the purchase of additional suitcases for people coming from the UK and that if my luggage was even 1kg over the 30kg limit, I’d have to pay a minimum of £53/kilogram (!). Yikes!

I had originally planned to ship some bits and pieces out to myself at some point, i.e. winter clothes, ski boots etc. but have now had to ship a bunch of stuff out just to get everything I need! So this was a little annoying, but there are so many companies that specialise in this so that it has been a breeze so far!

I’ve started saying my goodbyes, or rather my ‘au revoirs’ as my Mum likes to say, which has been a bit weird! On most trips, you know when you’ll see your loved ones again but this adventure is a bit different and I actually don’t know when I’ll next see them all. Of course, the world feels a lot smaller now with the advances in technology etc. but it is going to be tough, I’m under no illusions about that.

My leaving party is this Friday, I think that’s when it will really hit…and then my last day at work is the 28th September – eek! Where has this year gone?

Anywho, I’m trying to focus on the exciting things I’m going to do and see, the people I’ll meet, the views, the campervan, the freedom, the experiences I’ll have, the NZ wine, coffee, brunch…! The list is endless, I just need to focus on those things, rather than the sad things.

My flight is on Monday 3rd October in the evening and I’ll arrive in Auckland at about 11.50am on the 5th October.

Wish me luck! See you on the other side (of the world)!



*terrified, panicking, hopeful and excited

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