Must-try Kiwi delicacies

Now, I’ve only been here for just over a month so there are definitely things that I’ll need to add to this list as I go along…but for now, here’s a starter list of must-try Kiwi food and drink.

Pineapple Lumps

I’m sure that you’ve all heard of these before…but in case you haven’t, they are pineapple (ish) flavoured chews covered in chocolate and they are pretty damn good. Make sure you buy the Pascall ones, not any imitations. Don’t eat too many in one go or you’ll get jaw ache…they’re pretty chewy!


a.k.a. Lemon and Paeroa, which is a refreshing lemon-flavoured fizzy drink.


A bit like Ovaltine but more chocolatey and full of vitamins and minerals too. Can be drunk cold but I prefer it hot. In fact, I fondly remember taking the time to heat up a saucepan full of milk on a portable gas stove when Kim and I were travelling around in a camper van, just so we could have a cosy cup of Milo each. Commitment!

Tim Tams

Beware of the naysayers who spout such gibberish as “They’re just the same as Penguins”. They are similar but much, much better. You can get dozens of different flavours including Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, Rum and Raisin and more. You can do a Tim Tam Slam, which involves drinking your warm drink through it. What more could you ask for from a biscuit?


These are definitely a must-try. A staple of Kiwi cuisine, they’re available at petrol stations, supermarkets, bakeries…most places really! You can’t go wrong with steak/mince and cheese.

Hokey Pokey ice cream

Vanilla ice cream with honeycomb pieces. Enough said.

Fish and chips

Okay, not just a Kiwi thing but holy smokes they do it well! You won’t find your Cod or Haddock but you will find things like Snapper, Hoki and Terakihi and proper chip shop chips. Delicious! Oh and you might not be given cutlery, just eat with your fingers! Paying a little extra for a tub of aioli is always a good idea too.


Square-shaped very light sponge covered in chocolate and desiccated coconut, sometimes with fillings in too. Delicious!

Chocolate fish

Pink (raspberry) or white (vanilla) marshmallow-shaped fish, covered in chocolate. Yum!

What do you think? Let me know what I’ve missed and I’ll endeavour to buy and try a.s.a.p!

2 responses to “Must-try Kiwi delicacies

  1. OMG I feel sooo homesick Laura. I “get” all of these things and would have added milk bottles, except THEY changed the recipe and that went badly wrong …….. and don’t forget custard squares ……

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