Review: Clevedon Village Farmer’s Market

A few weeks ago I took a trip out to Clevedon Village Farmer’s Market, it was only about an hour’s drive out of Auckland but felt like we were in the middle of the countryside! I love that about Auckland!

I love a good market, there are few things nicer than a slow meander around a farmer’s market on a nice sunny day! This market was great, there was a good mixture of different stalls from crepes to cheese, breads, empanadas, fresh fish, yoghurts, locally-made chocolates, oysters, pork buns and more. I opted for a blue cheese, walnut and celery empanada for brunch, which was absolutely delicious – I wish I’d bought two!

Clevedon Market imag2420

Like the La Cigale market, there was someone playing the guitar in the background, which was great and a coffee stall run by local students. There were hay bales around for people to sit on and horses for children to ride. It was so quaint and lovely!

Open every Sunday from 8.30am-1pm, this is a lovely market. According to the website, no two Sundays are the same so I’d better go again soon!

While in the area, I decided to pop to the other market in Clevedon, which is in a village hall and is a bit more arts and crafts, gifts etc. than the other one. This wasn’t really my kind of thing but was worth a look while I was nearby.

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