The original Shotover jets in Queenstown

As a part of Alex’s trip, we decided to fly down to Queenstown for a few days. I absolutely love Queenstown, it’s a stunning town and with a kind of, ski resort vibe. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Kiwi accent in Queenstown, it’s flooded with internationals who have gone there, fallen in love with its small town charm and taken hospitality jobs.

It’s also well known to be the adrenaline capital of New Zealand. Sky diving, bungee jumping, canyon swinging, paragliding, etc. etc. In fact, it’s where I did my sky dive back in 2014, which was incredible! Anyway, we were thinking about doing the canyon swing but it was completely booked up during our stay, so we decided to do the infamous shotover jets. This is something that I’d been keen to do during my last trip to New Zealand but opted for the sky dive instead and unfortunately my backpacker budget didn’t stretch. But Kim did it while I was falling willingly from 15,000 ft and said it was amazing!

Anyway, there are various different companies that offer the shotover jet rides but we decided to go with the originals. They’re also the company that all of the celebrities and royals choose to go with, not that this swayed us but we’ve heard from various people that they are the best.

After donning our Hogwarts-style waterproof capes and life jackets (and seemingly losing our hands!?):

We were off! These boats are incredible, they can travel on as little as 10cm of water, can reach speeds of 85kph and perform 360* spins. The fast-flowing water is a stunning turquoise colour and comes from the Southern Alps. It’s an absolutely stunning place to see.

It was SO much fun, definitely worthwhile. We just wish it had lasted longer! It costs $145 each if you book it directly through the company but you can also find deals for this on

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