Take a hike!

One of the things I love about living in Auckland is how easy it is to explore the surrounding areas without having to drive for hours. There are so many wonderful towns, waterfalls, regional parks, markets, beaches and walks that you can get to easily from the city.

Before I moved to New Zealand, I aspired to become someone who hiked – among other things of course! I bought hiking boots, attractive zip-off trousers and a rucksack over with me, specifically for this purpose. For me, having had a back operation in late 2015, hiking seemed like something I could do one day, when I was fitter etc. etc. but it didn’t really seem doable until I tried it and realised that I didn’t have to wait until I was that much fitter or even really worry about it at all.

I eased myself in with a short hike up to Kite Kite Falls in Piha. No hiking boots required, just trainers, comfy clothes, sun cream and water. It was glorious! I loved how many people were out and about, making the most of their Sunday afternoon.


I’ve now done a few hikes and I absolutely LOVE it. Time spent in the great outdoors with great friends is never time wasted, and so I’m going to add a feature to the blog called Take a hike, where I’ll write about some of the great hikes and walks you can do easily from Auckland plus any others that I do in New Zealand – I’m sure there will be a lot!

I hope you enjoy it! Also, if you have any suggestions for hikes that I can try, let me know!


One response to “Take a hike!

  1. Great blog entry Laura – what lovely pictures. ??Bird song?? And I agree hiking with friends is time well spent together. Looking forward to your next blog ……

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