Matakana Village Farmers’ Market

Hello all!

I’ve been keen to go to Matakana Market for absolutely ages and finally this weekend, I went!

A mere 40 minute drive North of Auckland is the Matakana wine region. You drive past vineyard after vineyard en route and although the vines are looking a tad bare at the moment, with it being winter here, I look forward to coming again in the summer time and seeing row after row of lush vines – might even stop for a tasting!

The market is on every Saturday from 8am-1pm and has a range of fresh produce, artisan baking, oils and sauces, handmade goods, flowers, a knife sharpening stall and more. Situated on the banks of the Matakana river, it’s a beautiful location and often appears in ‘Auckland must-do’ lists.

I picked up a healthy green smoothie and then promptly followed this with a lemon and sugar crepe – I like to keep a balanced diet…

As at most of the markets, there was a mixture of live music playing and a great atmosphere. I think next time I’ll head there a bit earlier as some of the produce was already sold out by the time we arrived at about 11.30am. I’d also like to explore the village a bit more as there were some nice looking shops and cafes scattered around, plus quite a few people selling mandarins and other seasonal fruits and vegetables outside their homes. It’s a lovely little village and I can see why lots of Aucklanders flock there each weekend.

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